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Hey, KB here! I’m a reader and editor from the Philippines. Sometimes, I make things too. Hopeful stories and quiet adventures are my favorites – what are yours?


I live to read and read to live~ Find my bookish recs in this community of readers and dreamers.


Baby steps, baby steps. I share my journal pages, doodles, and paintings in this small art account.


Most of my WIPs and everyday life musings are here. Become a patron and have early access to things!


This is an illustrated anthology dedicated to Mother Earth by the awesome artist-storyteller Arli Pagaduan. I edited the stories.

30-Day Doodles

Check out all the doodles I did for the 30-day challenge of Doodles by Sarah on my YouTube.


I sometimes make art inspired by the books I read in my book journal. Browse my 2020 thread.

Nowhere near to being a vlogger, but I do upload some videos on my YouTube channel that chronicles some of my travels, projects, and everyday journeys.

It would be nice to see you there.

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